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1215 K Street, Suite 700
Sacramento, CA 95814-3946
Phone: (916) 448-3545
In 1991, the California Grocers Association Board of Directors embarked on an ambitious program – to expand into areas previously beyond CGA’s reach due to limited manpower and funding. That desire was the genesis for creating the CGA Educational Foundation. With a major concern among top executives of the retail grocery industry that there will be a shortage of qualified employees in the future, it is necessary to help industry employees advance in order to retain them. The CGA Educational Foundation assists CGA member companies by encouraging them to identify qualified employees, educate them in preparation for advancement and offer them the means to sharpen their skills in order to grow. The CGA Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit tax-exempt organization which supports and provides educational opportunities for the food-distribution industry. Donations to the Educational Foundation are tax deductible contributions.