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New Manager - (Bundle)

by Learn Smart
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Starting as a new manager can come with many challenges . This course bundle provides a comprehensive introduction to the new manager, covering critical managerial skills such as conflict resolution, communication, mentoring, performance management, and leadership.
This Bundle includes the following courses:
Handling Conflict and Confrontation by: Learn Smart
Whenever diverse individuals work together, there are bound to be differences of opinion, miscommunication, unwelcome criticism, and sometimes even out-and-out confrontations. This solution-based course, lead by conflict management specialist Sharon Spano, will help you defuse volatile situations and ...more
Coaching with Confidence by: Learn Smart
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Coaching with Confidence teaches the importance of communication, leadership, and a way of thinking that others feel compelled to follow. It's not what coaches are, but what coaches do that has the most value. This course contains all the essentials needed to be the best coach possible – for ...more

The most effective way to manage performance problems is to prevent them. Take a closer look at the dynamics of the employee-manager relationship and gain insight on different ways to avoid performance problems in your staff in this first course in the Performance Management series. Topics include ...more

Even the most effective managers understand that at some point, performance problems will happen. Learn how to respond immediately and effectively in this second course in the Performance Management series. Topics include the different types of performance problems and their causes, the difference ...more

Feedback and counseling are a supervisor’s most important tools in addressing performance problems. Learn how to use these tools to effectively address performance problems in this third course in the Performance Management Series. Topics include how to use counseling to get to the root of why ...more

The final course in the Performance Management series explores effective discipline. Topics include the elements of an effective disciplinary policy; the role of warnings; steps in the disciplinary process; and the impact that mishandling discipline can have on the employee-manager relationship. ...more
Management 101 01 – Introduction to Management by: Learn Smart
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This first course in the Management 101 series introduces the different responsibilities managers have and the various duties they must perform. Learn essential management skills such as the seven step decision-making process, how to schedule time for personal development, and how to analyze ...more
Management 101 02 – Leading and Communicating as a Manager by: Learn Smart
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The second course in the Management 101 series teaches new managers how to be leaders through effective communication with employees, fellow managers, and senior executives. Topics covered include the five primary leadership roles that managers serve in business; how to lead teams; how to chair ...more
Management 101 03 – Making an Impact as a Manager by: Learn Smart
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Managers learn to lead their employees and companies on to bigger and better things in this third course in the Management 101 series. Topics include understanding corporate strategy, using a SWOT analysis to shape company culture, the importance of STEP analysis in addressing obstacles, and ...more
Management 101 04 – Taking Control as a Manager by: Learn Smart
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Explore the seven aspects of management that help new managers understand how to relate to employees and fellow managers and how to deal with the pressures that come with their position in this final course in the Management 101 series. Topics include how to win your team over; discussing performance ...more

Twenty-first century leaders must acclimate themselves to today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. Leadership Challenges, the first course in the Basics of Leadership series, teaches you the characteristics of twenty-first century organizations. Become familiar with current trends as they apply ...more

Today’s workforce is the most generationally diverse in U.S. History, comprising four distinct age groups across numerous ethnic and racial lines – the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Next. Workforce Generations, the first course in the Multigenerational Management ...more
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