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Python - (Bundle)

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Python is a high-level programming language that allows you to deliver code faster and integrate systems more effectively than other languages.

This 25 hour curriculum provides the user with a comprehensive understanding of Python. The bundle includes the following courses:


This Bundle includes the following courses:
Python - Introduction to Python by: Learn Smart

Python is a high-level programming language that allows you to deliver code faster and integrate systems more effectively than other languages. This course introduces you to Python and what it can do for you. ...more
Python - Development, Setup, and Deployment by: Learn Smart

Python is a simple, versatile language that is interpreted, not compiled. It is high-level, interactive, and easy to read. In this course, learn how to install, configure, and customize Python, as well as how to terminate programs and launch and execute your own apps. ...more

Python programs are a combination of modules, statements, expressions, and objects. Explore the different data types and structures in Python, including program structure, built-in types, identifiers, reserved words, data type conversions, and more. ...more

Python programs can be decomposed into modules, statements, expressions, and objects. Delve deeper into the concepts of conditionals, functions, decorators, co-routines, recursion, and object-oriented programming. ...more

Python allows you to keep blocks of code in a file and use them as a module. Those modules can then be grouped as a package under a common name. Learn about modules and packages and how you can import them into your programs. ...more
Python - Input/Output Handling by: Learn Smart

Programs involve taking input from one source – such as a keyboard, file, table, etc. - and sending the processed input to a destination. Explore the concepts of standard input, output, and error, including handling files, Unicode I/O, and serialization. ...more
Python - Errors and Exceptions by: Learn Smart

Exceptions can point out and break the normal control flow of a program. Whenever an exception is raised, Python leaves a message. Learn how exception handling is carried out in Python, including built-in exceptions and warnings, as well as user-defined exceptions. ...more

What do you look for when you profile a program? You look for coverage information and performance statistics. Learn how Python helps you test, debug, profile, and tune programs using built-in utilities. ...more

Python comes with a wide variety of general purpose routines, including standard library modules, built-in functions, and string and text handling. Take an in-depth look at each of these, how they’re used, and the assets they have. ...more
Python - Python Runtime and Language Services by: Learn Smart

Runtime services are the services associated with the interpreter and its interaction with that environment. In our course, Runtime Services and Language Services, we will be introducing the student to the functions, modules, and operations involved in runtime services and language ...more
Python - Database Access by: Learn Smart

Python is a cross-platform, object-oriented programming language that supports writing database client applications. Database Access covers programming interfaces in Python, including database access and connection, operations on tables, and dictionaries. ...more
Python - File and Directory Handling by: Learn Smart

Programmers need to know how to work on files and directories, and understand the properties of those files. Explore the modules that are used to process operations in files and directories in Python, and learn how to read file properties and manipulate paths. ...more
Python - Threads and Concurrency by: Learn Smart

A program is a series of executable statements which are converted into low-level executable instructions. Processes execute these instructions sequentially in a single control flow known as the main thread of the process. Learn all about library modules that enable threads and concurrency ...more
Python - OS Services by: Learn Smart

OS services provide interfaces to operating system features that are available on almost all operating systems. Explore various operating system services, including an overview of operating system services with demos. ...more
Python - Network Programming by: Learn Smart

Networking is one of Python’s major uses. Python has a rich standard library with modules that provide higher-level access to specific application-level network protocols. Learn about the different modules Python offers for communication processes, and how it enables network programming. ...more
Python - Internet Protocols and Data Handling by: Learn Smart

How do you connect to the internet, and what do you do there? Maybe you’re searching for information, socializing, working, or even buying and selling. Learn about Internet protocols and how they are used to communicate across a set of interconnected networks and computers, including ...more
Python - Web Programming by: Learn Smart

Python is a versatile programming language comparable to any other powerful high-level language. It includes rich features for web programming, and is one of the best choices for it. Learn about methods, Internet protocols, and technology used to combine Python with a web server to ...more
Python - Markup Processing by: Learn Smart

A markup language is a way to annotate a document to be syntactically distinguishable from the text. Python includes markup processing tools to structure websites based on the requirements. Explore Python modules such as HTML, XML, DOM and SAX, and Expat, and how they can be used to ...more
Python - Program Frameworks by: Learn Smart

Frameworks are layered structures that tell us what kind of programs should be built, and how those programs interrelate. Programming frameworks include actual programs, and specify programming interfaces. They also offer programming tools. Take a look at web frameworks, GUI frameworks, ...more
Python - Performance Tuning by: Learn Smart

Python is known for its ease of writing and flexibility, and a good programmer will create scripts that are efficient without sacrificing flexibility or maintainability of code. Take an in-depth look at performance tuning for Python, including built-in assists for profiling, tuning, and ...more
Python - Extending and Embedding by: Learn Smart

Python is powerful and flexible. As an interpreted language, it has a huge number of built-in functions and modules that carry out many programming needs. But Python programmers still need to write code to extend Python’s features. Learn how to extend Python with other programming ...more
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