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Multigenerational Management - (Bundle)

by Learn Smart
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5.50 Hrs
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This 5.5 hour curriculum provides the user with a comprehensive understanding of Multigenerational Management. The bundle includes the following courses:


  • Multigenerational Management 01 – Workforce Generations
  • Multigenerational Management 02 – Leading Silents and Boomers
  • Multigenerational Management 03 – Multi-Generational Leadership
  • Multigenerational Management 04 – Cross-Generational Teams
  • Multigenerational Management 05 – Developing Generations
This Bundle includes the following courses:

Today’s workforce is the most generationally diverse in U.S. History, comprising four distinct age groups across numerous ethnic and racial lines – the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Next. Workforce Generations, the first course in the Multigenerational Management ...more

The second course in the Multigenerational Management series focuses on the characteristics and learning styles of the Silent and Baby Boomer generations. Explore how best to develop business relationships, the importance of integrating older generations into your workforce, and what the future ...more

In the digital age, we are more reliant than ever on those who grew up with technology and can use it to do more, better and faster than we ever thought imaginable. The third course in the Multigenerational Management series focuses on leading Generations X and Next and shows you how to bring ...more

Cross-generational teams present unique benefits and challenges. It’s up to you to ensure that your team members work together effectively. The fourth course in the Multigenerational Management series explains the characteristics of cross-generational teams and how they parallel the attributes ...more

Reap the benefits of your multigenerational staff with the fifth and final course in the Multigenerational Management series: Developing Generations. It only takes a little effort to bridge the generational gap between your employees and start experiencing positive results. Learn to appreciate ...more
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