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Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Presentations - (Bundle)

by Learn Smart
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8.40 Hrs
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This 8.4 hour curriculum provides the user with a comprehensive understanding of Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Presentations. The bundle includes the following courses:


  • Google Docs: Getting Started, Fundamentals, Formatting, and Customization
  • Google Docs: Tables, Proofing, Navigation, and Distribution
  • Google Presentations: Getting Started, Fundamentals, Formatting, and Drawing Options
  • Google Presentations: Images, Video and Tables, Animations, Collaboration, and Distribution
  • Google Spreadsheets: Enhancement, Organization, Optimization and Distribution
  • Google Spreadsheets: Getting Started, Fundamentals, and Beyond the Basics
This Bundle includes the following courses:
Enhance your spreadsheets with images, charts, drawings and forms. This course also covers using Google Gadgets to further customize your spreadsheets. You’ll also explore how to get organized, manipulate the screen display, and how to sort and filter data. Then, wrap-up the course with spreadsheet distribution ...more
This introductory course will get you up and running with Google Spreadsheets. Familiarize yourself with the Spreadsheet interface and begin creating new spreedsheets. Learn to open existing spreadsheets and use spreadsheet fundamentals to select and enter data, format data, and edit worksheets.
Get started with Google Documents in this introductory training course. You’ll explore document fundamentals such as type justification, page setup, save options, and the concepts behind cutting, copying, and pasting. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn advanced formatting options you can use to ...more
Learn to work with tables, proofing tools, shortcuts, document navigation and document distribution in this Google Docs course. Explore proofing tools such as Spell Checker, Find & Replace, and translation tools. Familiarize yourself with document distribution so that you can share your documents in ...more
Create stunning presentations and share them with collaborators with Google Presentations. This course will introduce the different features available in Google Presentations, including creating a presentation, uploading an existing presentation, and navigating the presentation interface. Then, you’ll ...more
Learn to use images, video, and tables to customize your Google Presentations. This course covers inserting and formatting tables; animating slide elements like transitions, text, shapes, and images; and shows you how to collaborate with others on your presentations. You’ll also learn how to add speaker ...more
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