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This course, which consists of five (5) distinct segments for easy viewing, provides the methods provides the methods for making a convincing business case. A business case means justifying an organization’s expenditure based on the positive economic consequences to that organization. Increasingly – due to recent policy and payment reforms –community-based organizations that provide long term services and supports face business opportunities that they can capitalize on. But to do so successfully they must demonstrate that they are creating significant economics benefits for their business partners. A business case for a CBO program starts with an estimate of the economic burden were nothing to be done, and then moves to an estimation of the degree to which that burden is lightened as a result of the intervention. That reduced burden is then the benefit measure that must be compared with the interventions’ expense. The net benefit expressed as a return on investment, know as RoI. The course describes common pitfalls and offers various hints to conduct business cases accurately and convincingly.

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