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Agile - (Bundle)

by Learn Smart
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This 30 hour curriculum provides the user with a comprehensive understanding of Agile. The bundle includes the following courses:


  • Agile - Adaptive Planning and Design
  • Agile - Communication in Projects
  • Agile - Continual Improvement
  • Agile - Estimation
  • Agile - Managing Projects
  • Agile - Manifesto Principles 1-6
  • Agile - Manifesto Principles 7-12
  • Agile - Other Agile Methods
  • Agile - Planning Agile Projects
  • Agile - PMI Certification Requirements
  • Agile - PMI Code of Conduct
  • Agile - PMI-ACP Exam Prep
  • Agile - Prioritization and Risk Management
  • Agile - Problem Detection, Metrics, and Resolution
  • Agile - Quality and Earned Value Management
  • Agile - Scrum and XP Methods
  • Agile - Series Overview
  • Agile - Soft Skills and Leadership
  • Agile - Stakeholder Engagement
  • Agile - Team Formation and Boosting Team Performance
  • Agile - TestMe PMI-ACP Exam
  • Agile - Traditional vs. Agile Project Management
  • Agile - Value Driven Development
This Bundle includes the following courses:
Agile project management didn’t just magically appear in the last couple of years, but many people are not as familiar with agile development as they are with traditional project management. Examine the differences and learn what agile project management is in Traditional vs. Agile Project Management.
Agile - PMI-ACP Exam Prep by: Learn Smart
The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner is an internationally recognized certification focused on the emerging approach of agile methods to project management. This course will allow you to explore the PMI-ACP exam in detail, including what you need to know for the test, what the exam will be like, how ...more
Agile - Manifesto Principles 1-6 by: Learn Smart
Since the Agile Manifesto serves as the guiding principle of the entire agile project management collective, it also holds a prominent part in the Project Management Institute-Agile Certified Practitioner exam. In this course, we will explore the first six principles of the manifesto in depth.
Agile - Manifesto Principles 7-12 by: Learn Smart

At the root of the modern structure of agile project management is the Agile Manifesto, and it should be used as a guide to the philosophy of the agile project management approach. This course focuses on the last six agile principles as well as the Declaration of Interdependence. ...more
Agile - Scrum and XP Methods by: Learn Smart

This course is about the agile methods and frameworks of Scrum and Extreme Programming, arguably the two most well known of the agile project management methodologies. This course covers the basics, principles, and practices of both methods. ...more
Agile - Other Agile Methods by: Learn Smart

Go beyond Scrum and Extreme Programming to explore some of the lesser-known agile project management approaches. These methods may not be widely used now, but they could easily become the go-to approach in the future. Stay up-to-date in these lesser-known approaches with Other Agile Methods. ...more
Agile - Value Driven Development by: Learn Smart
Selecting the best projects to take on involves assessing what is to be gained and at what cost, and benefits are best evaluated from the perspective of the customer or business value. In Value Driven Development, explore how to determine the appropriate amount of time and effort to spend on a project, ...more
Agile - Prioritization and Risk Management by: Learn Smart
Most of the time and effort in agile project management is spent in prioritizing and planning. Delve deeper into prioritization and risk management and expand your knowledge of how to prioritize project features and functions, creating a business case for development, and laying the foundation for a ...more
Agile - Planning Agile Projects by: Learn Smart

Agile planning differs from planning waterfall or other more traditional projects in terms of the flexibility required to adapt to the needs and expectations of stakeholders and product development. Changes and course corrections occur as often as necessary on an agile project, making planning ...more
Agile - Estimation by: Learn Smart

Estimating the work, effort, and time project activities will take is a challenging and crucial piece in the project management process. In agile projects, estimation works a little differently as circumstances and variables are more varied and may shift over the course of a project. Explore ...more
Agile - Managing Projects by: Learn Smart
Good agile project managers are knowledgeable about the tools and techniques of the agile project management trade, and should be versatile enough to know when to apply those tools and techniques strictly, and when to bend tem to the requests of the agile team. Managing Projects examines the role of ...more
Agile - Adaptive Planning and Design by: Learn Smart

Throughout an agile project’s lifestyle, potential threats and other risks will need to be managed. Discover how to gather information to improve and adapt the processes of agile project management in Adaptive Planning and Design. Explore the power of adaptive planning in agile projects and ...more
Agile - Soft Skills and Leadership by: Learn Smart

Agile project managers lead by example, ensuring that the project and its components can run and that agile project management framework and processes are in place. In Soft Skills and Leadership, explore how a good agile project manager utilizes these skills to inspire team members, keep lines ...more
Agile project team formation requires setting up self-organizing and self-empowered groups of skilled and supported individuals. In Team Formation and Boosting Team Performance, focus on how to effectively form and support agile teams, and how those teams work together to be continuously successful.
Agile - Stakeholder Engagement by: Learn Smart
Project stakeholders include not only those who fund a project, but also the product owner, the end user, and many others. Stakeholder Engagement covers who these stakeholders are, how to take their needs into consideration, and explores tools and techniques that help agile project managers incorporate ...more
Agile - Communication in Projects by: Learn Smart
Communication is key to agile project team activities. The success or failure of an agile project can rest on communication. The goal of this course is to inform agile practitioners on the various modes of communication, the importance of communication in agile project development, and how to apply appropriate ...more
Agile projects will inevitably have problems, both major and minor. Agile project managers can detect, forecast, and address these problems before they derail a project with successful agile project management and practice. Problem Detection, Metrics, and Resolution focuses on the methods used to detect ...more
Agile - Quality and Earned Value Management by: Learn Smart
Agile project quality is a discipline that incorporates all agile processes – from consideration and planning, to executing, testing, delivering, and every minute in between. Quality is a mindset, and in this course, agile practitioners are introduced to this mindset and the role that it plays in project ...more
Agile - Continual Improvement by: Learn Smart
No agile project is perfect, nor is any person or agile team. There’s always room for improvement and growth. In Continual Improvement, explore the need and ability to continually improve an agile project, agile project management, the agile team, and even an organization’s culture, both directly and ...more
Agile - PMI Code of Conduct by: Learn Smart
The discipline of agile project management does not have a particular governing body, standardization, or a certain entity that is the gold standard for certification in this field. The Project Management Institute has made tremendous inroads in adding some formality in this regard by collecting the ...more
Agile - PMI Certification Requirements by: Learn Smart
So you are a little confused about Contact Hours vs. Professional Development Units (PDUs). Perhaps you're not sure how to use PMIs Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) system. Gain an understanding of the difference between a Contact Hour and a Professional Development Unit, and walk step-by-step ...more
Agile - Series Overview by: Learn Smart
An agile project manager is someone who can move quickly, adapt to change, and make smart adjustments on the fly. The primary aim of the Agile course series is to increase your knowledge of the principles and processes of the agile method of project management as suggested by the Project Management Institute, ...more
Agile - TestMe PMI-ACP Exam by: Learn Smart
Test your proficiency and comprehension of the content of PMI’s Agile-ACP exam with the Test Me: Agile-ACP course. Demonstrate your proficiency in the principles, concepts, and tools used in completing the Agile Practitioner Certification. Test Me provides you with a collection of questions based on ...more
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