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CISSP 2013 - (Bundle)

by Learn Smart
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27.25 Hrs
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This 27.25 hour curriculum provides the user with a comprehensive understanding of CISSP 2013. The bundle includes the following courses:


  • CISSP (2013) - 01 - Telecommunications and Network Security 2013
  • CISSP (2013) - 02 – Information Security Governance and Risk Management 2013
  • CISSP (2013) - 03 – Software Development Security 2013
  • CISSP (2013) - 04 – Cryptography 2013
  • CISSP (2013) - 05 – Security Architecture and Design 2013
  • CISSP (2013) - 06 – Operations Security 2013
  • CISSP (2013) - 07 – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning 2013
  • CISSP (2013) - 08 – Legal Regulations, Investigations & Compliance 2013
  • CISSP (2013) - 09 - Physical (Environmental) Security 2013
  • CISSP (2013) - 10 - Access Control 2013
  • CISSP (2013) - Test Me-(ISC)² Exam CISSP


This Bundle includes the following courses:
The CISSP exam assesses your knowledge of information security. Gain the knowledge you need to succeed on the certification exam with the CISSP 2013 course. Topics include the OSI model and layers, remote access, media and LAN topologies, firewalls, security protocols, and various security techniques.
The CISSP series provides certification candidates with an understanding of crucial security issues and solutions to address them. Get an overview of CISSP, its requirements, and the importance of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Then, learn about security management training by studying ...more
Learn all about software development in the context of information security. Topics include application issues, storage, development controls, malicious code, and methods of attack. The material is divided into categories: software development issues and storage, software development protection, and ...more
CISSP (2013) - 04 – Cryptography 2013 by: Learn Smart
Focus on the implementation of cryptography to solidify your understanding of the concept. Take an in-depth look at the history of cryptography, its uses, and its role in confidentiality, integrity, and authentication, as well as more advanced concepts such as transposition ciphers, steganography, substitution ...more
Obtaining your CISSP certification ensures that you're trained in information security concepts and skills. Explore the security architecture and design by studying its organization, machine operation, protection mechanisms, and security models. Also, learn about security evaluation criteria, common ...more
Once a network is set up and configured, it is the administrator’s responsibility to ensure that network operations, or day-to-day activities, are executed correctly and safely. Learn about administrative management, operation controls, auditing, monitoring, intrusion detection, threats, and countermeasures ...more
When a disaster occurs on a network due to attack or some other issue, network administrators must have a plan for restoring and re-securing the network. Learn how to create a disaster recovery plan, and how to execute it by training all network security administrators, walking through the checklist, ...more
Study the laws and regulations on security, and learn about the different types of computer crime in Legal Regulations, Investigations, and Compliance 2013. Topics covered include the different kinds of attacks, various laws and types of incidents, and how to respond to these. Ensure that you're legally ...more
Deepen your understanding of crucial CISSP security concepts and issues. Physical (Environmental) Security focuses on physical security threats, facility requirements as in security policies and a critical path analysis, physical security controls, environmental issue, and ways to implement physical ...more
CISSP (2013) - 10 - Access Control 2013 by: Learn Smart
Concentrate on Access Control. Start with the basics by studying the concepts of least privilege, accountability, and physical, logical, and administrative access. You will also explore the topics of data classification, Access Control techniques, Access Control Implementation, identification, authentication, ...more
CISSP (2013) - Test Me-(ISC)² Exam CISSP by: Learn Smart
Prove that you are prepared for (ISC)²’s Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification exam. You’ll demonstrate your proficiency in the principles, techniques, and tools involved in securing data that’s collected and distributed within hardware and software systems. Test Me ...more
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