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Project Management Professional - (Bundle)

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This 47.5 hour curriculum provides the user with a comprehensive understanding of Project Management Professional.

This Bundle includes the following courses:

Gain an understanding of how time, manufacturing, world events and education helped shape project management today in this first course in the Project Management Professional series. Learn about noteworthy individuals such as Kaoru Ishikawa, William Edwards Deming, Joseph Juran, and Villifredo ...more

Explore how the concepts of project management have been applied throughout history, from massive undertakings like the Egyptian pyramids and the moon landing to the smaller-scale projects that businesses handle every day. Learn how to optimize and gain proficiency that will help you deliver ...more

Project management permits effective delivery of products and services, but there are plenty of examples of projects missing the mark and delivering less than stellar results. The reason? Ineffective process. A successful team must adhere to processes that drive the project through its lifecycle ...more

Learn the two significant processes that are a part of the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®): The Direct and Manage Project Execution, and the Monitor and Control Project work processes. These processes represent the bulk of a project manager’s duties. ...more

Project managers and team members develop subject matter expertise during project development. This expertise in turn helps drive necessary changes to project activities. Learn how to plan for change in the fifth course in the Project Management Professional series. This course incorporates ...more

Keeping track of all the different tasks and phases during a project is no small undertaking. A well-planned and professionally integrated project pulls all of these activities together and enables all participants to progress and meet milestones. In Initiation Basics, the sixth course in the ...more

Identifying a project’s requirements is one of the most important tasks a project manager must perform. Learn how to determine what is required of a project and establish metrics to evaluate whether the work is successful in Collecting Requirements and Defining Scope, the seventh course in the ...more

A successful project manager must monitor and control the scope of the project. Learn the important principles and best practices employed by successful project managers to safeguard the scope of their projects in Monitor and Control Project Scope, the eighth course in the Project Management ...more

Time management incorporates all the processes that are required to ensure the effective and timely completion of projects. The processes that make up project time management overlap and interact with other processes to develop and deliver components of a project. In Defining and Sequencing ...more

Developing and Controlling the Project Schedule helps you analyze activities such as sequence, duration, resource requirements, and project constraints in order to promote an efficient project schedule. Explore how activities such as plan start and completion dates, milestones, and dependencies ...more

Project managers will inevitably deal with the constant push to do more with less. Over time, the luxury of resources without conflicts from other project activities diminishes substantially. Learn how to engage sponsors and stakeholders to ensure the appropriate level and types of resources ...more

Cost management is an integral component of the project management process. Controlling Costs shows how the project manager assumes full responsibility for cost oversight and keeping the project within budget constraints. Explore financial tools and analysis that enable project managers to oversee ...more

Project cost management drives project deliverables in line with project constraints. It determines the scope of a project, how the project will be funded, and the steps taken to ensure that funds are managed and used correctly. Estimating & Budgeting Project Costs provides an in-depth look ...more

Project managers are responsible for the quality of their projects. Learn the best approaches, practices, tools and techniques, and processes to meet the quality needs of your project in Project Quality Planning from the Project Management Professional series. ...more

Quality Assurance and Quality Control explores how an effective project manager applies processes, best practices, and tools to ensure that all aspects of project development incorporate quality standards. Learn from past lessons and apply that knowledge forward to avoid mistakes in the future ...more

Learn how to use the PMBOK® processes to identify risks associated with the various stages of project development, including budgetary, scheduling, resource, and quality risks. Gain the skills required to identify project risk, detail project plans, understand assumptions, and revert to prior ...more

While risk exists within every project, the degree of risk based upon probability and impact is what helps determine the type of corrective or preventive action that the project team will perform. Perform Risk Analysis shows you how to prioritize risks for further analysis or action. Review ...more

Gain a working knowledge of the Project Risk Management process and the six other processes that are aligned within the Project Planning and Project Monitoring and Control process groups. Develop a Risk Management Plan to provide guidance and direction to the project management team. The course ...more

In Risk Response, Monitor, and Control, gain an appreciation of the intricacies involved with risk response planning. Identify accountable individuals and groups responsible for risk mitigation and ownership of potential issues. ...more

The strength of a project is based on the resources acquired. The Planning Process Group allows project managers to determine resource requirements for each activity within a project, ensuring the delivery of raw materials along with the people to develop these materials are sequenced according ...more

As a project manager, you?ll take on a variety of activities to ensure the successful completion of projects, including managing resources to accomplish the tasks within a project plan. This course will introduce you to two forms of resources: (1) raw materials that are developed into components ...more

Project communications encompass a variety of deliverables such as project updates, project dashboards, performance metrics, status reports, schedule updates and details pertaining to the project budget or any constraints. Through this eLearning course, you will gain insight into communication ...more

One of the most important skills a project manager needs to acquire is being an effective communicator. Effective communication skills will contribute to marketable competencies that prospective clients will require and are willing to pay a premium for. This course shows how effective communication ...more

This course offers a fundamental introduction to project procurements processing. It covers the process inputs relevant to managing procurements, conducting procurements, controlling procurement activities and closing procurement work within a project. It also covers techniques for selecting ...more

As a project manager, your role will be to facilitate all activities that pertain to developing the product of a project. In doing so, you'll be developing plans and directions that pertain to the purchase of goods and services throughout the project lifecycle. Within this course, you will learn ...more

Though projects are temporary endeavors undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result, the undertaking of a project affects many things. The results and objective of the project are to make a change. This course will discuss the many people, groups and entities that hold a stake ...more

Whoever the stakeholders are in a project, they must be managed and managed properly. This course will focus on the processes Manage Stakeholder Engagement and Control Stakeholder Engagement. You will find discussions on the purpose of these processes, their inputs, outputs, tools and techniques. ...more
So you are a little confused about Contact Hours vs. Professional Development Units (PDUs). Perhaps you're not sure how to use PMIs Continuing Certification Requirements CCR system. If you fit this description than this is the course for you. This course will help you gain an understanding of the difference ...more

Test your knowledge and skills through this Test Me: PMI Exam Project Management Professional (PMP). Prove to yourself, and others, that you are ready for PMI?s Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam. You?ll demonstrate your proficiency in the principles, techniques, and tools ...more
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