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Communication and its Significance (Refresher)

by My Security Training
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Course must be combined with another 4 hour course to meet annual 8 hour minimum requirement for continuing education pursuant to Business and Professions Code Sections 7583.6 and 7583.7.

Security officers must understand the importance of following proper policies and procedures, as this is the basis by which business processes are documented and reported. When a security officer follows a well-developed policy and procedure system, it becomes an essential part of the company's operations. In order to do this, a security officer must comprehend the importance of a clear and effective communication system. While on the job, a security officer may be called to quickly respond to an escalating emergency situation. As security officers, it is crucial to know who to communicate with during these life or death situations. This course is designed to guide security officers in recognizing the impact of communications and its significance in running an operative and safe work environment.

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