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Arrest, Search and Seizure

by My Security Training
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This course is in compliance with the Business and Professions Code Sections 7583.6 and 7583.7 and Title 16 of the California Code of Regulations. This is an elective course under the BSIS Course Outline and satisfies the requirement for 4 hours of training under the elective section of the Security Officer Training Laws and Regulations.

The primary aim of this training course is to provide a broad overview of the legal principles of arrest and search and seizure in the private sector. While interacting with the public and performing their duties, peace officers and security officers will at times need to arrest individuals or perform searches. However, both these acts must be completed legally, with the correct authority and power. This course seeks to help individuals understand the legal aspects of arrests and search and seizure, understand where the legal authority to perform such actions lies, and also understand the legal consequences of acting without proper authority. Understanding these concepts will help individuals become effective and efficient in the performance of their duties.

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