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Retail Mini MBA - (Bundle)

by 6one5
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Did you know that the top 25% of retail stores outperform the average store by more than 40%? Why? Training! There is a direct correlation between well trained, high performing store managers and profitability. This "mini MBA" teaches retail store owners and managers the best practices that drive high performing stores to succeed. Covering key topics such as retail sales and service, visual merchandising, retail finance, marketing, and leadership, this curriculum helps store managers establish the processes and policies that will increase profits through increased sales, decreased costs, and increased margins. This bundle contains the following courses:
This Bundle includes the following courses:
Retail Sales and Service by: 6one5

This eLearning module will allow you to become a high performing sales person and retail sales manager. In this interactive course, you will identify the capabilities of and skills used by the best sales people in the world. You will learn how to be instinctive and understand how to read buying ...more
This eLearning module provides retailers with knowledge of how to develop and implement customer databases and utilize them to communicate with and create loyal customers. Retailers will gain an understanding of how to build closer relationships with their customers, be competitive, and create a loyalty ...more
Retail Finance by: 6one5

Being a successful retail manager is dependent on your understanding of finance and numbers. While you may be running a retail store because you enjoy it, you are also there to make a profit. In order to manage your business effectively and make a profit, it is essential that you use the right ...more
How to Develop a Website for Your Store by: 6one5
This eLearning module will provide retailers with the support and knowledge to feel comfortable developing a website and online presence for their store. Developing a website will support the effort to drive traffic to your store. This module will provide you with an understanding of why it is essential ...more
Leading and Coaching Your Retail Team by: 6one5

Managing people is a key capability required of retail managers. It's the manager's responsibility to up skill and coach their staff to improve store profitability. This course will focus on the role that a retail professional plays in the development of his or her staff through leadership and ...more
Promotional Planning and Calendar by: 6one5

Planning promotions is the key to increasing sales and attracting new customers to your store. This eLearning module will help you improve your skills in retail management and local marketing by focusing on planning promotions well in advance. You will receive step-by-step guidance on how to ...more
Retail Visual Merchandising by: 6one5

Visual merchandising today forms a critical element in retailing. Your windows, store entrance and displays must be designed to engage customers and encourage them to enter your store and make purchases. Retail staff who understand what appeals to customers and the types of displays that are ...more
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